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C R Webb

Emotive Piano and Instrumental Music

The River

About Me

My introduction to the piano started when I was about seven years old when my dad bought a three-octave Magnus organ. It sat on top of a little table. You pressed buttons on the left for the chords and followed numbers on the music for the notes with your right hand. I loved it. After that, I've never been able to walk by a piano and not play it. For most of my musical life, guitar and voice were my primary instruments. I've performed everything from folk, to rock, to country, to Americana and now, my real love, the piano. What I enjoy about instrumental music is the listener can interpret it however they want. People can feel whatever they feel because there are no words to interfere with those emotions. That is my fervent hope with my piano music, is to let those emotions flow.

Fairy Tales

The Latest

Currently, I'm devoting all the time I can to recording and producing my piano and instrumental works. Fortunately for me, I have an enormous amount of material in demo form to choose from. Piano music; just comes to me. Sometimes I'll have an idea in my head but most of the time I'll just sit down, pick a key, and the music starts to flow. I have several digital recorders around my studio and home. Every once in a while I'll upload them to my computer and wonder who played that? Then quickly realize it must have been me. I don't remember playing them because it just comes out. I am grateful for that.

My goal is to get a couple of albums of material released and "out there" as quickly as I can. So even though I'm not on the road, the material  will be on the airwaves. Five of the pieces from the forthcoming record, All Things Past, can be purchased now.

Most of all, thank you to my very supportive family, friends and fans that have joined me on this musical journey.


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